Sunset In Beautiful Santa Barbara

So I will be going off to college very soon and cant wait to move out of my parents house. I will be going to UCSB which is located in Santa Barbara, California. School starts in september but I will be moving up to Santa Barbara in August. I have many friends up there who say that the Santa Barbara sunset is the reason many of them live there.

They have been going on and on about the sunset Santa Barbara and how beautiful it is. They send me pictures of the sunsets and It makes me very anxious to want to get up there. I will be rooming with some fellow students who I don’t know, so it will be weird at first, but I know I will like it because our house is right across the street from the ocean and my bedroom will be facing it.

I will have a beautiful view of the sunset in the evening and will definitely keep my blinds open. My friends know my roommates and told me that they are really nice people. They told me that they hang out with them all the time and one of the cool things to do is to walk down to the beach in the evening and have bonfires while the sun is setting in Santa Barbara.

It will be hard to leave my parents and to be on my own for the first time ever but I know it will be a great experience and will be good for me. My parents have been really supportive of me and have even bought me all of my furniture for my new place. My mom will be really sad because we have always enjoyed the sunsets where we live now and I promised here that I will send her pictures of the Santa Barbara sunset all the time.

Here’s the first sunset picture I’ve taken in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Sunset